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25 December 2009 @ 01:07 am
i really don't use this but i'd like to more
if your reading this comment ;)
for christmas i'm getting new art materials...YES :D
i've applied to uni (good luck to me)
here is a recent picture of me looking smacked off my face even though i'm 100 percent sober


i really want a king prawn tshirt for christmas...well not getting one though
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18 February 2008 @ 09:38 am
here is a message i just sent to my old friend decla:

elllo :)
how are you ?
i think it's essay time again heh :P
i am presently sitting in the college libary doing...this.
i've just quit my course and have come to chill here for abit till my proper tutor comes in so i can tell her. i really feel i have to do it but i cant help this sence of forboding like i'm gonna regret it or like im really serioualy fucking things up for myself. but hey. i guess i need time to sort out my perspective and sort my priorities out - i'm well not dedicated, motivated or focused enough to succesfully pass this course. everyone keeps trying to talk me out of it but i'm being dead stubbon. kinda like i'm on a self destruction path. ha. my mum said she's not gonna support me financially or emotionally cos they're gonna stop some money but...i guess that's fair enough.
anyway enough depressing stuff :P
martha told me that drew was taking you to poland for valantines day weekend (!) guess things are getting serious and going well then? how's general life like college and friends and stuff? hope everything's good, i've not seen you about for abit..
i've got a boyfriend aswell...he's called rob i'm not sure whether you know him? possibly. he was about round the squat times but i don't really remember him from then...i don't remember much from then really. ha. he lives with mikey...and yeah. that's about it. we've been going out for nearly a month and for valantines day we were dead romantic and drank two bottles and vodka and watched the spongebob squarepants movie and both threw up. fuckin lovely. :P
so yeah, i'm pretty much fucking up life at the moment but am planning on sorting my life out dead soon. i hope.
anyway it would be dead nice if you messaged me back, though i don't know how often you check this, with some lovely cheerful decla news :P and if not then i'd like to hear it anyway :)
i love you! keep in touch :P
nat xxx

this is an entry that came up when i came to post now. doesn't look like i posted it so here you go...i'm not quite sure when it's from, a couple of weeks ago i assume. so here we go:

i'm dead happy at the moment :)
so I said I'd marry, join the fucking navy and went to sea. in my broken chair, my wings are broken and so is my hairCollapse )
the other week a mate gave me loads of new jewellery for my piercings and something to stretch my ear with (which i did) but the thing that was keeping it in fell out on saturday and it's kinda healed up ¬_¬ rubbish...
also anyone who's ever been to manchester: aflex palace is shutting down! the heart of manchester alternativeness! make a stand! myspace.com/saveafflexpalace !
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29 November 2007 @ 10:08 pm
new journal.
i used to vasaline_mind...
gonna have to re-add people, groups etc.

i'm feling happier, better.
been chilling out, getting drunk, playing bass, music music music, books, self education.
feeling better. more content.
not messing around with my mind so much init
but i've stopped writing stuff down as much, i bearly do it so i'm gonna starts again...i'm nearly completley anonomous on here, that's pretty comforting. :)

i'm going to the marilyn manson concert next thursday :D haha yes mate.
dress up goth again like i used to and get laughed at on the 86 bus. ;)
it's well good/wierd when i think back to how i used to dress and stuff and how i just did not give a shit about what people think, said or did. well mad.

teh dark side of manchester is wierd.
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grand central. aka grim central. home to the grim alley round the back of GC and in front of the salsibury where the smokers go, looks normal but nah. when i sit at the bus stop facing it and i see 2 police officers down oxford rd and past GC i just laugh like "shit you're walking past there without a second glance and you have no idea what kind of grim shit goes on there". home to crackheads, alcoholics, druggies, teenage druggies, homeless people, dealers...and there all dead safe but it's fucking grim...cos you know people there and it's a really small world. well in the drug world at least and me and monique walking into there and within 5 mins got offered acid, ketamine and coke. my point is...?

in art we're doing art+music so i'm researching all album covers like crass ones and the dead kennedy's and marcy playground and jack off jill and finding all these cool artists. like winston smith :)
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more music, more art, more words, thoughts, insperation, motivation.

let's talk politics?

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